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Dog Behaviour and Training

Sometimes the relationship we have with our dogs can go wrong.   At The Dog Way we can help.   We offer individual training for you and your family with your dog.


The aim of the training is to help you understand your dogs behaviour, and for you and your dog to learn new skills to improve the behaviour.


We offer training for all dogs and all problems.  


If you have an area which is causing problems then contact us


Common problems that people ask for help for


1. Being aggressive to other dogs on walks

2. Barking, pulling on walks

3. Dogs being difficult with a member of the family, or visitor

4. Dogs not coming when they are called / running away

5. Fear and anxiety



What you need to do.


Call or email.  I will then arrange a time for a visit.  I need to see your dog in the environment you have problems with.  This gives an opportunity to assess your dog and see what is really going on.  Sometimes people misinterpret the signals / message of their dogs.  Ie, their dog is saying something very different, for example their dog maybe growling, but this could be caused by fear rather than aggression or vica versa.


When we meet if you are happy learning from me and I am able to help we start work straight away.   After this the charge for is £20 per hour. Normally an hour and a half is a plenty as after that length of time you and your dog will get tired. So the inital charge is normally £30.


I will bring along any leads etc.


Any queries drop a line or ring.




















































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