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Dog grooming in Worthing

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These are our standard prices.  Sometimes if a dog is exceptionally knotted / matted or has challenging behaviour there may be an additional charge as these dogs take longer to do.  


If a dog requires very little work e.g. puppies, charges are less.  


All treatments include nail clips and anal glands if necessary.

Full clip, bath and nails


Very small  e.g:  tiny yorkies, jack russells    

Small           e.g:  westies, shih tzu

Medium      e.g:  Large Spaniels,

Large           e.g:  Large labradoodles

Extra large  e.g:  old english, newfoundlands



All regular customers can pop in for a free fringe trim and nail clip at any time between grooms.




The same prices apply for stripping as a full clip.  We use tools that are not painful for the dog.




Normally reduces moulting significantly for about six weeks.  It is ideal for labradors, huskies, in fact any dog that moults a lot.  The price includes a bath


Labradors  or similar size                    £27

Huskies                                                   £35

Golden Retrievers  (includes trim)     £40


For longer haired dogs pop in or gives a ring to see if a demoult would suit your dog.


Bath and blast by itself  

Very small                     £5

Small / medium          £10,

Large                             £12

Extra large                    £15


Nail Clip only  £5   - Free nail clip inbetween grooms for regular customers.


Anal glands   - these are included in any groom


Tick Removal - this is included in any groom, on its own it is £1










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