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For Labradors, huskys, border collies, mixture dogs,  german shepherds.

At The Dog Way we can help to greatly reduce the moulting of your dog by doing a DEMOULT.


This uses a combination of tools, followed by a good scrub and massage in the bath and a blast with a dryer that pushes out the loose hair.


Most owners find it really helps reduce the moulting signigicantly for 6-8  weeks.



On a dog that moults a lot, hair can become compressed and wedged in.  This will then come out in clumps.  Whilst it is stuck in it isnt even attached to the skin.  Dirt becomes trapped and air cannot get to the skin and the dog ends up wearing a 'dirty hair vest'.  This can cause the dog to be smelly, and the skin to get dandruff and 'cheesy'.



Removing the hair relieves the amount of hair lost as moulting, and very importantly makes the dog fresher, cleaner and happier.  The hair can also then work naturally as insulation.

When a dog comes to The Dog Way for a demoult, they will need to be with us about two hours.


If the hair is really compacted it is worth bringing in the dog for a demoult a couple of times in fairly quick succession, otherwise our customers bring in their dogs for a demoult every few months.

All dogs can also be clipped - This is ideal if the dog is hot or if it is so compacted it would cause discomfort to the dog removing it.    The dog will then be smart and sleek, comfortable and very, very happy.

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